ANSIBLE Bootcamp

Attendees will learn the details of Ansible and its different uses in network automation.

Engineers that would like to increase their knowledge in Ansible as a first step to become an expert in DevNet.

Attendees will learn the details of Ansible and its different uses in network automation.

Getting Started with Ansible

  • Ansible and Infrastructure Management
  • Installing Ansible
  • Creating a basic inventory file
  • Introduction to Ad-Hoc Ansible command

Introduction to Ansible Documentation

  • Ansible online documentation

Introduction to Core Components of Ansible

  • Control Nodes o Managed Nodes
  • Inventory
  • Modules
  • Tasks
  • Playbooks
  • Ansible for Network automation
  • How Network Automation is Different
  • Execution on the Control Node
  • Multiple Communication Protocols

Non-Ansible components that make Ansible work

Data format comparison

  • XML
  • JSON
  • YAML

Introduction to common version control operations with Git:

  • Git
  • Github
  • Clones
  • Add/remove
  • Commit
  • Push / pull
  • Branch
  • Merge
  • Diff

Understanding and Using APIs

Introduction to Rests and APIs

Inventory Management

  • Inventory essentials
  • Inventory variable
  • Using YAML in Inventories
  • Intro to Dynamic Inventories

Run your first Ansible Command

  • Running your first Ad-Hoc Ansible command
  • Introduction to Playbooks
  • Common Network ansible modules
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Benefits of using Tags for selective Tasks in Playbooks
  • Introduction to Conditions
  • Ansible errors and error handling

Explore NETCONF with Python

Configure Network Devices with Ansible

Collect Network Data with Ansible

Build and Deploy Configurations with Ansible

It is highly recommended to have knowledge of Unix.

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