ASR1K Bootcamp

Attendees will learn about the ASR1K family platform as well as IOS XE used in this platform.

Engineers that require detailed knowledge of the ASR1K Platform.

Attendees will learn about the ASR1K family platform as well as IOS XE used in this platform.

Cisco ASR1K Platform

  • Basic features of ASR1K hardware and software architectures
  • Describe the types of ASR1K Series Chassis
  • Discuss the benefits of ASR1K Series operating system
  • Describe the features of ASR1K Series in Enterprise and Service Provider

Software Architecture

  • Describe the IOS XE Software components
  • Describe the benefits of the IOS XE Software

ASR1K Series Routers Hardware Architecture

  • Describe ASR1K Series hardware
  • Discuss ASR1K Series data path and control path
  • Discuss ASR1K Series packet flows

ASR1K Software Basics

  • List the three main components of Cisco IOS XE Software
  • List where the software components reside on the ASR1K hardware
  • Explain how the forwarding control plane works in ASR1K
  • Describe how chassis management and OIR messages are communicated in ASR1

ASR1K Series Routers Operation

  • Explain the ASR1K Series boot process
  • Describe connection methods to ASR1K
  • Use show commands to monitor ASR1K basic operations

Monitoring Cisco ASR1K

  • Describe the file system used on ASR1K
  • List commands to monitor ASR1K

ASR1K Series Routers High Availability

  • Describe the functionality of High Availability in ASR1K Series Routers
  • Discuss the system behavior if hardware failures occur
  • Describe the High Availability software differences between the ASR1K chassis

ASR1K Multicast Services

ASR1K Security Services

ASR1K Packet Flow and Troubleshooting

It is highly recommended to have knowledge of IOS XE.

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